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Meet Your Beauty Team

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Alexis Parks
PMU Master Instructor

Better known as Atlanta’s brow Guru “Miss Browz-N-Beauty”, Alexis is the CEO of Browz-N-Beauty permanent makeup studio, which was established in 2015 while Alexis was running the hottest Hair Salon in South-Metro Atlanta, Vanity Hair Studios. Her beauty Salon encompassed over 40 talented hair stylists, makeup artists, estheticians, a lash bar, and a separate barber shop. While personally under the radar, Alexis played the background as a “worker” while many didn’t know that she was, in fact, the owner. Vanity Hair Salon grew to become Atlanta’s largest beauty salon, attracting many celebrities and social media influencers.

As a visionary, Alexis saw herself owning more properties and creating a variety of opportunities for people of color. As Vanity continued to grow, she set her goal to become Atlanta’s first African-American permanent makeup technician. After being certified by professional instructors in LA and Miami, Alexis brought techniques back to Atlanta, opened a 3-story, state-of-the-art Permanent Makeup (PMU) facility in Midtown, and named it Browz-N-Beauty, LLC.

Deondra Williams
Assistant Instructor PMU/Beauty Technician

Hello! My name is Deondra - lover of all things beauty and the assistant instructor for the illustrious Browz N' Beauty Day Spa & Training Institute.


I absolutely love teaching and extending my knowledge. I am a master cosmetologist specializing in a wide range of beauty services from natural, customized brows to lip filler. I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate desired beauty. Whether you're looking to enhance your natural brows or need a complete makeover, I offer personalized consultations and tailored services to ensure your satisfaction. Invest in yourself and your confidence with beautiful, long-lasting solutions that you'll love waking up to every day. Allow me to help you enhance your natural beauty.

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