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Meet Alexis

Meet Alexis, the extraordinary entrepreneur and visionary shaping Atlanta's beauty landscape. Widely recognized as "Miss Browz-N-Beauty," she wears multiple hats, serving as the CEO of Browz-N-Beauty permanent makeup studio and the dynamic host of the empowering podcast, "Boss Talk with Lex." In her podcast, she delves into the intricate world of entrepreneurship, offering invaluable insights and guidance to budding business owners, fostering their mental, spiritual, and financial growth.

Alexis's entrepreneurial journey began in 2015 while she managed the incredibly popular Vanity Hair Studios in South Metro Atlanta. Under her discreet leadership, Vanity Hair Studios thrived, boasting a diverse team of over 40 highly skilled hair stylists, makeup artists, and estheticians, and even housing a lash bar and a separate barber shop. Despite being the driving force behind the scenes, Alexis humbly embraced the role of a silent orchestrator, often working incognito while the spotlight shone on her salon.

Unbeknownst to many, Alexis was not just a worker; she was the visionary owner shaping Vanity Hair Studios into Atlanta's largest and most sought-after beauty salon, attracting a clientele that included numerous celebrities and social media influencers. Her astute business acumen and dedication laid the foundation for her next ambitious venture.

Driven by her passion for creating opportunities for people of color and her desire to own more properties, Alexis set her sights on new horizons. Fuelled by her determination, she embarked on a mission to become Atlanta's first African-American permanent makeup technician. After rigorous training under professional instructors in Los Angeles and Miami, Alexis returned to Atlanta armed with innovative techniques.

In a bold move that showcased her entrepreneurial spirit, Alexis opened a cutting-edge 3-story Permanent Makeup (PMU) facility in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, naming it Browz-N-Beauty, LLC. This state-of-the-art studio became the epitome of her expertise, offering unparalleled services and setting new standards in the world of permanent makeup. Her journey, marked by resilience, innovation, and a commitment to her community, continues to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and beauty enthusiasts alike.

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